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Welcome to the ARLIS/NA Decorative Arts Special Interest Group (SIG) Website/Blog! This is a long overdue effort to share information and resources from members of our group, as well as continue the enthusiasm ARLIS/NA members like you have for this special area of arts librarianship.

After a brief hiatus, the Dec Arts SIG was revitalized at the 2013 ARLIS/NA Pasadena conference to address the unique challenges of working within this subset of the arts.  The group is primarily composed of members from academic, museum and special libraries concerned with cultivating shared resources for managing decorative arts collections, as well as developing professional skills to best serve students, faculty, researchers and curators.

As coordinator of this group, it is my goal to use this site to publicize resources, news and events happening in the field of decorative arts, craft and design. Of course, I can’t do this alone. I need your help in doing the following:

1) Sharing news from your own institution or from the field at large on the Dec Arts SIG Blog. This could be as simple as sharing a link to an article, exhibition, or workshop online.

2) Identifying links to post on our resources page

3) Attending the Dec Arts SIG meeting at the upcoming ARLIS/NA conference in Seattle to discuss group initiatives and potential session topics for future conferences.

I appreciate the support many of you have shown for the Dec Arts SIG over the past few years, and look forward to connecting with you in 2016!

Jessica Shaykett
Dec Arts SIG Coordinator


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